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There’s been plenty of noise regarding the worth of a Facebook like on – the most recent figure being $10 in step with social-media agency Social Code. The agency checked out quite five million Facebook ads placed by over fifty shoppers between might & September this year to urge to the $10 figure.

What they found was that it’s easier to prompt ‘fans’ to require associate action (install a branded app or take a contest) than ‘non fans’. that is not that shocking very. after all your advocates are additional willing to interact in your complete than your neutrals or detractors.

There are many alternative claims within the past regarding the $ worth of a Facebook fan and that they ar all pretty various (Virtue; $3.60 per fan compared to SynCapse at $136.38 per fan) leading American state to wonder; can there ever be a benchmark worth that creates sense, associated is it in any respect relative to what you are selling? Jim Edwards from Business business executive agrees and has recently been quoted as spoken communication “calculating the ‘value’ of a Facebook fan to an publisher has become the social media equivalent of asking what number angels will dance on the top of a pin?”. whereas his opinion could also be deemed harsh by some, he actually features a purpose.

All of this point out the worth of ‘likes’ is attention-grabbing – however begs the question – should not we have a tendency to be additional involved with mensuration the engagement of fans? A complete may need a hundred,000 fans however if they do not have interaction on the page then what use ar they really?

Edgerank checker free some new analysis at the tip of Gregorian calendar month that analyzed the worth of each a ‘like’ and a ‘comment’ on posts at intervals branded Facebook pages. They examined a random sample of five,500 Facebook pages and so examined over eighty,000 posts to see precisely what impact ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ wear Facebook posts by brands.

The results were attention-grabbing with every ‘like’ equation to merely over three clicks. Comments had even additional impact with a colossal fourteen clicks per comment. This jump isn’t shocking as a singular and private comment is unquestionably a stronger variety of support. You can buy facebook comments for getting a heavy profile

These stats do appear pretty high to American state ab initiation tho’ – i ponder what quantity the typical will increase because the no. of likes/comments increase? i am unable to imagine one like would still equate to three clicks – it seems like there needs to be to a small degree of momentum concerned here and maybe this might justify what seem to be comparatively high numbers.

Either way, engagement by each like & comment clearly have a tangible end in terms of clicks – which can see several marketers and agencies alike jumping for joy at the prospect of getting some (relatively) arduous numbers to feature into their social media coverage.

Here’s the total stats from the report:
Avg Clicks Per Like: three.103
Avg Clicks Per Comment: fourteen.678
Avg Clicks Per Impression: zero.005

Another attention-grabbing finding from this report was that Wed was the most effective entertainer once it came to engagement on an entire (both share rates and clicks).

Edgerank believe that this can be as a result of additional users are on Facebook mid-week than on the weekend. curiously weekday showed the bottom engagement figures – maybe as a result of saturation of amusing email messages (trend to send a ‘Friday funny’ among workplace workers).

So, we have a tendency to could also be no nearer to finding associate correct $ live of a like, but we have a tendency to currently apprehend that a Facebook comment is four times additional valuable than a like, and we’ve a ‘click to comment/post’ magnitude relation that may be used once demonstrating Facebook engagement worth to shoppers.

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