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Attention Reverbnation registered artists: does one need to play a World Tour, create AN album and video with laborious Rock Records, ANd win new gear!? laborious Rock is probing for an inspiring  rising band, and it might be you! Apply currently to participate in laborious Rock Rising 2013 the world Battle of the Bands!

What’s this about?

Hard Rock Rising 2013 is that the world battle of the bands, spanning the globe in search of music’s next huge talent. collaborating laborious Rock Cafes worldwide can host native battles to seek out a band which will represent their town in an exceedingly world competition. ninety seven collaborating laborious Rock locations can vie however solely some can win. The band that ultimately wins Grand Prize, are awarded the chance of a lifetime: play a World Tour, create AN album and video with laborious Rock Records, and win new gear!
The Details
Application method

By viewing this page, you’ve already begun the method. If fascinated by collaborating, please complete the appliance method and submit a track for review. Once the appliance method is complete, you’ll travel to competition section one, wherever you’ll ought to gain enough native votes to participate within the live battle events at your native laborious Rock restaurant . vote for native participation can occur on-line between Gregorian calendar month twenty eight and February eleven. laborious Rock can announce the beginning of the web vote program, therefore fans will transfer tracks without charge from every native laborious Rock restaurant  Facebook page. every transfer can count as a “vote” for that band. Fans will vote for as several bands as they might like, but they will solely vote for every band once and can be needed to “Like” the native laborious Rock Facebook page. there’s no registration or fee needed for fans.

Local Battle Events

Once native vote is complete on February eleven, every collaborating restaurant  can invite the highest native bands to perform at live battle events hosted between February eighteen – April fifteen. (See official Rules for range of bands collaborating in every market. range of bands varies per market). Those bands WHO received the foremost votes, along side the Wild Card band*, are chosen to participate within the live battles. throughout the live battle, bands can perform for fans and judges, WHO can select a winner to maneuver on to the world competition and represent their town because the native competition, competitory for the world Prize. The native competition in every market can win $250 (equivalent in native currency), a $250 laborious Rock restaurant  Gift Certificate, and travel to the world vote round; one step nearer to winning the world Prize.

*Wild Card

If your location has eleven or less bands collaborating, one in every of those bands are a Wild Card chosen by the restaurant . The remaining bands are chosen supported prime votes. If your location has twelve or a lot of bands collaborating, 2 of these bands are Wild Cards, chosen by the restaurant . The remaining bands are chosen supported prime votes.

Global Competition

The native competition from every market can travel to vie globally. ninety seven can vie via on-line deciding to work out the highest twenty five bands. Those twenty five bands are reviewed by AN business panel to work out the Grand Prize and a pair of second best bands. Votes can solely be accepted from Apr twenty two – day, therefore use some time sagely to push and gain votes. Once again, fans will transfer tracks without charge on laborious Rock restaurant  Facebook pages however throughout this section, a devotee will solely vote for one band. when the primary download/vote, they will still transfer free tracks however they’ll not count as votes. Fans are needed to “like” a tough Rock Facebook page to participate however there’s no registration or fee needed. The Grand Prize and a pair of second best bands are proclaimed on (or about) could half-dozen.

What’s the Catch?

There is no price to participate. laborious Rock Rising 2013 the world Battle of the Bands is meant to support up and coming back artists whereas providing free music to fans and ultimately, to point out laborious Rock’s appreciation and affiliation to its musical roots. See the laborious Rock Rising 2013 Official Rules for a lot of details.