Pinterest Testimonial

Name & Address: Carey Flora, Osmond, NE
My order was: 5000 Pinterest Followers
Comment: Getting pinterest followers are tough but social-booster got it for me very fast. They have strong network


Name & Address: Steven Carrol, WI USA
My order was: 3500 Pinterest Likes
Comment: Photo likes I got as I wanted. The competition I got 2nd place 🙂 But I am happy I am on now 2nd stage. Thanks to John


Name & Address: Sylvia Valdez, 3512 HØNEFOSS Norway
My order was: 5000 Pinterest Likes
Comment: Once again good work …………… keep it doing


Name & Address: Cristine Balogh, Rio de Janeiro-RJ, Brazil
My order was: Pinterest Pins 2000
Comment: A+ Recommended. Do not hesitate to hire them.


Name & Address: Ottawa, ON, Canada
My order was: Pinterest Repin 3000
Comment: Super work …… Repinned perfectly.


Name & Address: Joseph, Germany
My order was: 1000 Pinterest Likes
Comment: Awesome pin it! I ordered to them 5000 pin order they have done successfully. Good work


Name & Address: Collado, USA
My order was: 2000 Pinterest followers
Comment: Fascinating servie from social-booster they own also another site that is facebookcorner great both are good


Name & Address: Lisa, UK
My order was: 1000 Pinterest Likes
Comment: I am happy of their good communication. Pinterest likes done in time. I was expecting this service from them.


Name & Address: Brannigan, USA
My order was: 3000 Pinterest followers
Comment: Why do you not go for the big advertising???? Great site great work ……. Pleple should be informed about this site.


Name & Address: Jonathan, NY
My order was: 2000 Pinterest likes
Comment: We are the New York best Gold delar. We are getting good customers from their service. Thumbs up


Name & Address: Claudia Robinson, Little Street, OH
My order was: 500 likes pinterest
Comment: Cool Service!


Name & Address: Rubby, Washington
My order was: 2000 Pinterest Followers
Comment: Thanks John for your service



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